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Buhl Farm Bridge

Project Date: June 2021 – September 2021
Location: South Fork, WV
Client: Buhl Farm
Value: $1M

Project Details

This project consisted of constructing a 4-span 255 ft long steel bridge across the South Fork River at a site near an existing concrete low water bridge. The work included 2 abutments and 3 intermediate piers. Due to the locations, all 3 piers and 1 abutment required the construction of coffer dams to dewater work areas. Abutments and piers were constructed of reinforced concrete and founded on reinforced concrete micro piles and pile caps. The micro pile work was performed and designed by subcontractor, Howard Concrete. Primary beams were W27-114 steel beams with a 6-inch serrated steel grid deck and standard DOH guardrails.