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Mass Earthwork

Currently, A.L.L. Construction, Inc. successfully bids on projects in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Our past and current projects have included both the public and private sectors in the Mid-Atlantic region. We have the means to perform any of the following shown below and much more:

Heavy Highway

A.L.L. Construction, Inc. has the capacity to engage in various types of highway projects. We have numerous pieces of equipment readily available that allow us to meet any of our clients’ needs. Whether the work involves performing minor road repair or a major highway project, we have the right equipment and personnel for the job. A few of our areas of emphasis include:

Site Development

A.L.L. Construction, Inc. currently submits bids for site development projects in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Our extensive fleet of machinery features GPS dozers, excavators, and graders. This equipment allows our company to operate at maximum efficiency, while also creating a finished product that goes above and beyond our client’s standards. Below are examples of work we have completed in relation to site development:

Bridge Construction

Building a bridge can be an intricate process that demands extensive knowledge and expertise. There are numerous variables with bridge construction such as, engineering constraints, costs, and environmental impacts. These can come into play when deciding which construction method to use and bridge type to build. Fortunately, the team at ALL Concrete, Inc. is fully equipped to meet any of our clients’ bridge construction needs. A few of the services we offer include:

Segmental is a proven method for delivering durable structures that are both cost-effective and visually appealing. This construction method is used throughout the world and its versatility can be applied to most structures.

Precast elements are formed in a plant which produces more consistency in quality products. In addition, it allows segments to be fabricated in correspondence with early field construction activities, thus improving scheduling.

Cast-in-place construction requires that a substructure be finalized prior to fabrication of the superstructure. Cast-in-place segmental construction is used when precast segments are too heavy to be shipped or access to the site is too restrictive.

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Timber Clearing

Our company is fully equipped with the necessary machinery to carry out timber clearing operations. Whether the client wants the site cleared and grubbed, selectively cut, or an alternative method, we have the equipment and personnel for the job. Our line of timber equipment features the following:

Utility Work

We have the means to install various types of underground utilities, which include: sanitary sewer line, waterline, storm lines, concrete pipe, etc. In addition, we also have the capability to fuse waterlines, as needed. The list below displays a few areas where we have been involved with underground utility work:


ALL Concrete, Inc. specializes in various types of concrete services. We have a skilled team with numerous years of experience in the concrete industry. The knowledge our employees have, paired with the various trainings and the operation of Power Curber and Bid-Well machines, ensure that our sites operate in an efficient manner. Listed below are some capabilities we offer potential clients:

Whether our client is looking to execute construction work on footers, bridges, parapet walls, curb and gutters, sidewalks, hard trowel finish floors, etc., our team of highly qualified individuals is capable of completing the work.


Our expert survey team is dedicated to provide clients an accurate and quality survey. Whether the project layout is simple or more complex, our team has the proper equipment and knowledge to attain a quality survey of the site while maintaining a competitive rate. We use sophisticated equipment, technical proficiency, and highly-motivated employees to provide the best data possible, which ensures that our work will be completed in an efficient manner. A few surveying techniques we use at A.L.L. Construction Group include:

We identify your property lines, corners, easements, and encroachments by reviewing public records and using field measurements and calculations to create a detailed property plat or map.

Learn your property’s elevation through a topographic land survey that demonstrates the height, depth, size, and location of features, either natural or created, on a parcel of land, as well as elevation changes throughout.

We establish the placement and position of building corners, utilities, sidewalks, or roads from the engineer’s design to avoid encroaching or overlapping with easements or property boundaries.

The survey staff will review the design plans, collect field data, and draw in the latest version with built improvements on your project site. This can be performed at various stages in construction or once the project is completed.

We use measurements from photographs or other images to discern the locations of points of interest and use the aerial data in combination with spatial data to create survey maps.