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Jesse Arch Bridge

Project Date: May 2020 – November 2020
Location: Jesse, WV – Wyoming County
Client: WVDOH
Value: $1M

Project Details

This project required a 60′ temporary Bridge to be assembled just downstream of the existing 100′ long Jesse Arch bridge, constructed in 1943. After opening the temporary bridge to traffic, we demolished and removed the existing structure, replacing it with a one span 140′ long x 45′ wide 50″ steel girder bridge. These girder lines consisted of 2, 35′ girders on each abutment with one 70′ girder between them. We achieved this erection by first splicing one of the 35′ girders to the 70′ girder on the ground. Then lifted the pair over the abutment and mid-air spliced the final 35′ beam to them before lowering the complete girder line onto its bearing pads. The bridge was then decked with S.I.P. decking and reinforced with rebar before pouring 8″ of WV class H concrete to complete the deck. A.L.L. Concrete’s Bidwell 2450 screed machine was used to place the deck. We then hand formed the Type F parapet walls with WV Class K concrete to complete the project.